Troll Trailers is a company owned by a group of foreign investors and a local Filipino logistics company whose aim is to standardize the Chassis Leasing Industry. With direct access to the designs and manufacturing plans, we are able to produce standardized products that suit Philippines conditions.

Troll Trailers was created in 2004, and has developed from a multinational co-operative.  Our US based engineers ensure reliable quality designs, while our Philippine and Chinese partners manufacture and distribute our products.  Our goal is to provide quality and cost effective truck and trailer parts within the Philippine market.  Key partnerships in China, the US, and the Philippines allow us to source and manufacture all your trailer and part needs. We provide our undivided attention to the quality and performance of our products to meet and exceed our customers’ demands.

Troll Trailers has built a solid reputation for producing quality truck and trailer products. Today, our commitment to quality is greater than ever. We are continually investing in better technology, skilled professionals and logistics infrastructure. The combination of these assets has made us a stronger player in the Philippine market. Our partnership with US based companies provide us with the latest designs and quality improvements, while our partnership in China ensures that our products are produced according to specifications, in a cost effective and efficient manner. In the Philippines, we have three major region hubs – Manila, Davao, and Cebu. From these locations, we are able to ship, service, and store our products.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives work hard to exceed our customers’ needs. In fact, you may be surprised by how easy it is to work with Troll Trailers. We manufacture and carry hundreds of products – everything from compression tubing to landing gears, and used tires. These products are manufactured around Asia and are brought in and distributed throughout the Philippines.

Understanding and responding to our customers’ needs in a quality-driven manner is one of our greatest strengths. Our engineers have the insight to improve existing products and the vision to create new ones. Troll Trailers has the ability and capabilities to deliver quality components in a timely manner. Value-added services such as testing, fabrication and finishing ensure quality from beginning to end.