Our services are fully customized, providing you with solutions that will have your operations working at top efficiencies.

sourcing capacity

Strategically located in Beijing, China, our sourcing office employs highly trained and qualified entrepreneurs whose main function is to seek new and qualified suppliers with high working standards. Once partnerships have been formed with choice suppliers, production proceeds under the supervision of our PRC sourcing officer. Strict adherence to quality and professionalism is the main objective of the whole exercise. All our designs reflect USA-based standards for chassis part manufacturing but also incorporate design tweaks best suited for Philippine operations.

To further improve on the quality of chassis units and the welfare of the drivers, Troll Trailers can also source accessories needed for your operations. Products may range from first aid kits, to shelving & packaging materials. Partnerships are then formed for continuous supply of chassis parts making a standard to all production made.

As an added value to our clients who have specific chassis parts requirements, Troll Trailers can find these items and further improve on the quality that best suits the terrain where these chassis units are running. Our American partners make sure that all parts are the best version suitable to the type of terrain; whether for rugged terrain, mountainous areas, plantations or others. Clients can order any replacement part that is needed as long as it falls on all Troll Trailers products inventory.


To further improve on distribution of our US-designed chassis parts, Troll Trailers employs the services and expertise of Delbros, Inc. Delbros is a major supply chain solutions company that offers over 50 years of experience in providing warehouse and logistics solutions to its clients. For our worldwide deliveries, Troll Trailers works with United Parcel Service (UPS), considered one of the biggest delivery services in the world. This two pronged network between Delbros and UPS allows Troll Trailers to efficiently deliver its goods anywhere in the world.

Apart from its nationwide distribution system, the Delbros warehouse management system aids in the inventory and warehousing of all Troll Trailer products. All chassis parts are properly monitored, handled and delivered to clients as needed. With this system, our clients free up space for warehousing as well as manpower, enabling them to pour their energy into other matters.

The guidelines are as follows:
— Request for price quotations (SPR Sheet) can be done during any day of the week.
— Purchase orders should be faxed or emailed on or before Wednesday in order for it to be processed during the week.
— Deliveries are to be made free of charge every Saturday.
— For orders that need immediate service, you have the option
to pick up your items from the warehouse, with an additional
processing fee.


For brand new products purchased by our clients, Troll Trailers offers a replacement/repair policy.

Troll Trailers guarantees a replacement policy on all brand new chassis parts ordered. The client is given three (3) days after receipt of the order to scrutinize and evaluate the quality and condition of the chassis parts delivered. If they are not to the clients’ satisfaction, Troll Trailers will replace them free of charge.

Should the parts we provide need repair at any point of the product’s lifetime, our mechanics are well versed on all Troll Trailer products. Repair and maintenance can be scheduled, with labor/replacement costs kept at a minimum.